Collaboration with team

Article Sharing & White Label

You have the flexibility to share your articles with either your team members or the clients you’re writing for. For our Business plan users, we offer white-labeling, which allows them to share articles with their clients using their company name and logo instead of Rektic’s logo and name.

Collaborate & manage your team

Rektic is the platform where you can seamlessly collaborate with your entire editorial team. Allocate words to each team member so they can all contribute to the creation of content while staying within the total words allowed.

Chats with your co-workers

When collaborating on your blog content through Rektic, you can engage in real-time conversations with your colleagues while editing the same article. This allows you to share tips, provide feedback, and suggest edits or additions to specific sections.

Modification History

Each team member can easily track their own progress or review changes made by a colleague in their respective articles. Similar to document editing platforms, you can access the history feature to view and understand the chronological development of your work.