SEO Optimization

SEO Best Practices

Rektic integrates SEO best practices to optimize content for high SERP rankings and increased traffic. We stay abreast of Google’s changes and ensure that our algorithms are aligned with Google’s preferences to give you the best possible results.

SEO Scoring

The content we provide is already optimized with a minimum score, ready for immediate publication to achieve a favorable SERP ranking. In addition, we provide a dashboard with tips if you want to increase this score for better rankings.

Keywords & SEO Insights​

We suggest secondary keywords related to your main keyword. We analyze each one, taking into account factors such as search volume, difficulty, etc. This way, adding these keywords not only helps your SEO score, but also fits into your overall strategy.

Competitive Analysis

With Rektic, you can analyze your competitors’ content to get inspiration and understand what helped them secure the top position in the SERP.