Why Rektic?

Because without eliminating jobs or limiting creativity, artificial intelligence is far from being a technology to be repressed. Continuous learning and adaptability have become crucial in the job market. Therefore, it is recommended for copywriters to learn how to work with intelligent tools and train themselves accordingly.

Be well guided in the writing of your blog post.

Contribute to the effectiveness of your editorial strategy and the satisfaction of your readers.


of experienced copywriters spend more than an hour developing their article’s outline.


of marketers need inspiration for user-centric web content.


of startup and SME founders regret not paying attention to content strategy earlier.

How can Rektic assist you in the writing of your article?

To increase the traffic to your website with quality web articles; your intelligent assistant allows you to :

  • Automate workflow with AI
  • ┬áGenerate a coherent outline for your article in a fraction of the time
  • ┬áGenerate long text
  • Suggest the most suitable keywords
  • Highlight the most inspiring sources such as your competitors’ content or the questions most asked by internet users
  • Real-time correction of your grammatical or typographical mistakes
  • Analyze the SEO and detect plagiarism by giving a score
  • Organize your different articles in separate documents

Why is Rektic made for you?

Because writing successful web content concerns all specialties and all individuals

Web Editor

Forget the blank page nightmare and gain efficiency!

Web or SEO agency:

Multiply your efficiency using Rektic, the intelligent assistant that will prepare briefs for you and allow your teams to collaborate efficiently.

Startups and SMEs:

Do you want to write your blog posts yourself? Don't panic if you don't have SEO skills; Rektic is an efficient assistant available 7/7 and 24/24