Rektic, your Smart Assistant

Rektic helps businesses write, collaborate, and manage their blog posts within a single platform 👌

If you are:

👉 A copywriter looking for inspiration?

👉A startup that wants to generate content for its blog

👉An SEO agency that produces a high volume of web articles per month?

Rektic assists you in writing blog posts optimized for both SEO and conversion.

How does it work?


Enter your keyword


Obtain a proper outline for the article to be written


Write in collaboration with your copywriting assistant ( Rektic 😉 )


Obtain real-time SEO and grammar help

Setting up your editorial brief and writing a quality article takes a minimum of 3 hours ( up to 7 sometimes 🤫 ), but with the help of Rektic, your intelligent assistant, you will write 4 times faster 😉

Our Features

Keyword recommendation

Rektic suggests to you the most relevant keywords.

A smart assistant

Generate your own blog content with the help of AI

SEO and plagiarism analysis

Get a good SEO score and avoid plagiarism with Rektic's recommendations


Export your article in various formats (text, HTML...)

Top references

Rektic highlights the most satisfactory references in the industry

Collaborative tool

Write your article on your own or with collaborators or clients


Write an article with an uncontested correction quality (grammar, spelling, typography, etc.)


Be inspired by the frequently asked questions of Internet users for valuable content.

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3 minutes
Burnout is an overwork situation for which every web editor should be prepared in order to prevent work-related exhaustion.

✍️ Youssef MEDDEB

Published 15/03/2023

3 minutes
Copywriters’ biggest issue is Writers’ Block, also known as the Blank Page Syndrome. Artificial Intelligence makes that a thing of the past.

✍️ Youssef MEDDEB

Published 12/03/2023

4 minutes
Artificial Intelligence is definitely not here to destroy jobs, As a matter of fact, It’s here to make copywriter’s jobs easier. Here’s how.

✍️ Rahma

Published 11/03/2023

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