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Publié le 17 April 2022

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The 10 commandments of great copywriting

Copywriting is one of the most important levers of digital marketing. It responds to the search intention of the Internet user and positions the digital support (website, blog, etc.) in the search engine results.

Copywriting involves adopting a relevant content strategy in order to specify the content that must be developed to effectively meet the needs of the targeted audience. This strategy also informs the method with which these contents must be structured with the aim of achieving a better natural referencing.

Here are the main commandments to follow for a quality web writing. 

Create an original content 

Original content is the key to profit from a better reach. In this context, writing quality web content is essential in order to effectively respond to the search intentions of the Internet user. 

Our Rektic solution provides you with stimulating sources of inspiration to awaken your creativity and help you create content in tune with your readers’ expectations. 

Be relevant and engaging

When dealing with constantly rushed internet users, it is essential to create succinct, clear, and engaging content. This helps readers to quickly scan the content and easily locate the information they are interested in.

Therefore, it is important to highlight the most interesting content, especially by placing it at the beginning of a blog post and using a vocabulary familiar to the reader in order to ensure your article’s comprehension.

Write for your targeted audience

In order to produce perfectly targeted content, it is necessary to initially identify the target audience. To do so, it is worthwhile to establish personas representing the typical models of the targeted reader groups. Through that persona, you can deepen your knowledge of your readers and develop content that is fully adapted to their expectations.

Use short sentences

Short sentences make for smooth reading. This ensures that the content is easier to understand. In this context, our Rektic tool offers you effective SEO analysis options to inform you on the best optimizations to make your content easy to swallow. 

Respect the laws in effect

Some writers are unaware that they have copyrights which can safeguard them against infringement, through articles L335-2 and L335-3 of the Intellectual Property Code. These clauses protect the contents of a Copywriter against plagiarism or counterfeiting, and subject the offender to penalties. Therefore, be sure to respect these rules and avoid content duplication.

Optimize your images and videos 

Visual content is an interesting option to nicely illustrate a text. In particular, pieces containing visual material achieve 94% of the views compared to other pieces devoid of photos. 

It is highly recommended to enrich your content with attractive visual elements that meet the following criteria: 

A high quality image with a size appropriate for the context of the publication. For example:

  • For a blog publication, you should choose an image whose size should not be smaller than the thumbnail version.
  • The ideal size for a Facebook post is 1200×630 pixels.
  • For an Instagram post, it is advisable to choose an image with a width of 1080 pixels and a height between 566 and 1350 pixels, all depending on the considered display mode (landscape or portrait). 

A video that matches the content of the page and that can be easily shared on social networks. Ideally, you would opt for videos with the following dimensions:

  • For Facebook: a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.
  • For Instagram: a width of 1080 pixels with a height that varies depending on the display mode.
  • For Twitter: the ideal size is 1920 x 1200 pixels for landscape mode and 1200 x 1900 pixels for portrait mode

Avoid spelling mistakes

Spelling mistakes are not well perceived by the target audience and cause a lack of confidence in the quality of your services.

In order to avoid this, you can use Rektic’s grammatical and typographical error correction tool to correct these errors in real time and quickly write optimal quality content.

Use the right keywords

Keywords are among the fundamental factors that influence the referencing of web content. To this end, you must spend time to build a corpus of strategic key phrases based on which you must develop your content.

Rektic contains a keyword generator that helps identify the most relevant expressions falling within your writing theme and the most used by Internet users to reach a content similar to yours.

Optimize titles and descriptions

Meta- title and description are used to briefly describe the content of a web page. You can improve the click rate and attract qualified traffic by incorporating keywords in these metadata. 

At this stage, Rektic assists you in writing relevant metadata and respecting the rules of natural referencing.   

Add internal /external links

Internal linking reinforces the indexation of your website or blog’s web pages, thus improving its reach. Internal links serve as effective guides to direct visitors to deeper pages in order to increase its traffic and indirectly achieve conversions.

On the other hand, external links (or backlinks) are part of a netlinking strategy that allows you to develop the authority and popularity of your site. 

Closing thoughts

Thanks to a well thought-out web writing strategy, you can create powerful content that will help you reach your goals: increase traffic, improve your website’s indexing, etc.

To this end, it is interesting to use a SaaS tool, such as Rectik, to help with SEO writing, with the aim of simplifying the task and accelerating the writing pace.

Rektic offers you a whole toolbox to ensure a better SEO optimization of your content, thanks to the following features: keyword generation, meta- title and description, automatic correction, etc.

Thanks to these tools, you can guarantee the writing of a unique content, attractive for your readers and adapted to the rules of natural referencing.

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