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Rektic for a better Content Writer Experience


Contrary to popular belief, artificial intelligence will not render the role of web editors obsolete. On the contrary, this technology is aiding the evolution of the profession by providing significant assistance to copywriters. Today, editors are much more than  word-processing machines; they now collaborate with executives and marketing teams to implement more effective content strategies. 

We’ve noticed similar effects in other activities. Web developers are not in decline as a result of the appearance of “drag and drop” tools that allow you to create a website without knowing how to code. And neither are Canva and Figma for designers; rather, they are tools and techniques that have allowed professionals to improve their results and experience.  This is also the case for Web writing

There are also tools for the editor that aim to make the Content Writer Experience(CWX) more enjoyable and less stressful. Rahma Jemai, the founder of Rektic, came up with the term CWX. Rectik is a  tool that allows you to improve your editing experience.  

This is discussed in this article. 

What exactly is a Content Writer Experience? 

 In the last 15 years, businesses have adopted an approach that places experience at the heart of value creation. 

In the case of user experience (UX), for example, it is necessary to observe and comprehend the user’s behaviors, motivations, and pain points. The goal is to make the purchase or use of a product or service more enjoyable while also creating a positive emotional impact.

Based on this foundation, we can identify the quality of the editor’s experience during the creation or elaboration of a piece of content as CWX (Content Writer Experience).

This could refer to the techniques used as well as the overall emotions and perceptions felt by the editors when creating content. They can be positive (pleasure, engagement, satisfaction) or negative (anxiety, frustration, deception), which are more common than one might think. 

The Steps to a Good Content Writer Experience 

Now that we’ve defined it, it’s time to figure out how to make the experience more enjoyable for the editor. This occurs in two dimensions: 

The Technical Dimension 

To fully grasp the analogy we’ll discuss later, remember that User eXperience is divided into three stages: Analysis, Conception, and Evaluation. 

Similarly, in order to create content capable of achieving desired marketing goals, the web editor must go through three steps: 

  • The first step is to analyze the content of competitors as well as the behavior of internet users for specific keywords. This enables the editor to understand how to provide the best results for each query. 

What Rektic offers: To assist the editor in responding to all questions posed by his readership and creating an SEO-optimized article, Rektic offers a list of questions posed by internet users, the most searched keywords, related searches, and the articles that rank highest in these searches. 

  • The next step is the conceptualization stage. It is necessary to gather the information and resources required for the creation of high-quality content. It is also at this stage that the data is synergized and the ideas are formalized. 

What Rektic offers: an intuitive and simple-to-use platform to assist you in writing better articles with the help of an intelligent assistant. 

  • During the CWX evaluation stage, the editor performs the final tests and tweaks to ensure that it meets quality and SEO optimization requirements. 

What Rektic offers: this intelligent assistant allows content creators to create and manage their blogs on a single platform. It is no longer necessary to copy and paste the content into a spelling checker, then into an SEO optimization tool, and finally into another for plagiarism. Everything is centralized with Rektic. 

The Psychological Dimension 

Editors derive satisfaction from their work while also suffering the consequences of that work. 

Indeed, in a profession where one has the opportunity to educate and connect with the reader in order to move the action forward fluidly, the choice of each word is critical. Nonetheless, between the blank-page syndrome, missed deadlines, SEO techniques, and a lack of inspiration, content writers are constantly confronted with challenges that have a negative impact on their mental health. 

The issue is that we have a tendency to underestimate the efforts, frustrations, and creativity that go into writing web content. Indeed, it is easy to overlook the fact that it requires abilities that often go unnoticed: 

  • Making an effort to empathize in order to put yourself in the shoes of the reader; 
  • Writing text that is enjoyable to read all the way through; 
  • Making a boring topic a fun interesting one;
  • Making a technical topic accessible; 
  • Learning the language, the sales techniques, and the natural referencing; 
  • Learning about the psychology of the internet user; 
  • Conducting in-depth investigations; 
  • Adapting to the voice of the company to which the editor lends his name; 
  • Etc. 

Despite this, web writing is still regarded as a skill that anyone can learn or as a means of supplementing one’s income. This adds another burden to an already tense experience. 

It is critical to work on improving editor experience by utilizing specialized tools such as Rektic. Because if the editor is not satisfied with his or her work, it may reflect on the texts that he or she is editing, jeopardizing the achievement of marketing objectives. 


Rektic for a better editor experience 

As previously stated, there are certain unavoidable challenges that you will face as a web editor, but none of them are impossible to handle. By knowing what to expect, taking precautions to prepare, and remaining persistent, you can overcome obstacles and develop your skills . It’s even easier with Rektic, whose features we’ll go over in detail later.

Goodbye, Blank-page Syndrome.

Although the syndrome of the blank page can occur at any point during the creation process, it appears to manifest itself most frequently at the start of the writing process, when you are looking at a blank document while attempting to formulate your first sentence.

There are ways to combat, if not triumph over, this syndrome and progress toward a more healthy and productive editing experience. Among these methods is Rektic, which generates several H1 title suggestions as well as a complete summary by inputting only the primary keyword on which you are working. In the meantime, the tool provides you with the most frequently asked questions by the audience you are targeting. You’ll never run out of ideas again if you use Rektic!

Conquer the burnout 

Burnout in web writing occurs when you can write but have no desire to do so. You have too many ideas in your head. You’ve been writing for so long without taking a break that you’re exhausted.

You’re tired of thinking. You’re stressed. And when you try to write, you don’t feel any joy or motivation.

Rektic was created by a web designer who has gone through this stage and incorporates features that allow you to avoid burnout. When artificial intelligence is used to assist in web writing, the process becomes faster and more interesting during both the structuring and writing phases.


Collaborative web writing 

Collaborative writing is a catalyst for creativity, and Rektic encourages it by providing a collaborative text editor where users can view the history of changes while the chat in real time ensures that everyone on the team is on the same wavelength. This is an excellent tool not only for businesses but also for individuals.

Writing your articles smoothly with Rektic.

Writing a high-quality article has never been easier than with Rektic. We’ll show you how, in just five steps, this tool can provide a better content writer experience.

 Step 1: Write down the main keyword.

Rektic will offer you title suggestions for your article, a summary, and a variety of other information based on this key phrase. In this example, we chose the keyword “User Experience”

Step 2: Select the title that appeals to you the most.

As you can see from the list below, the titles are all relevant. They can be used exactly as is, or they can serve as inspiration for you to create a title with your own words

Step 3: Obtain a complete structure with various meta-description suggestions

With each H1, you’ll find a ready-to-use summary with three meta-description suggestions. There is no need to spend hours researching a structure because Rektic analyzes millions of high-quality content to generate the ideal structure.

Step 4: Take advantage of a comprehensive SEO toolkit.

You’ve reached your personal editor!

Directly on the publisher’s interface Rektic provides several critical data points about your readers and their search behavior. The following information will appear to the left of your article:

  • The most frequently asked questions by internet users, 
  • Suggestions for secondary keywords;
  • as well as related searches.

To the right of your article, Rektic offers a list of the top 15 most popular articles to inspire you. 

Step 5: Generate a captivating introduction and a blog post five times faster. 

Now is the time to revise the introduction, which is usually complicated because it must capture the reader’s attention, explain the added value that will result from the reading, and optimize the text for search engines. However, persuading readers to read the article is an art in itself, and if you don’t do it well, you risk losing potential customers and prospects. There is no need to stress with Rektic because the introduction is generated automatically by clicking on Generate the introduction. 

Now that we’ve reached the stage of writing the rest of the article, it’s enough to start by rewriting at least one sentence under the H2 of our choice to better orient our robot editor. As shown in the screenshot below, I typed the phrase in green by myself, then clicked “generate more” to get the first paragraph in less than two seconds. 

Isn’t life a beautiful thing? 

Step 6: Examine and correct 

Once the writing phase is complete, it is time to analyze the results to determine which corrections should be made. But how can you quickly and effectively analyze and optimize your natural search engine ranking? 

Rektic has considered everything! It is possible to perform a regular analysis at the bottom of the article to obtain improvement suggestions for your reference. It will display a score ranging from 0 to 100% depending on the degree of optimization. Without forgetting to complete the plagiarism analysis to obtain a detailed report. 

Rektic is a platform that aggregates thousands of information sources. 

Writing for the web is a difficult career choice because it requires a great deal of energy and creativity. However, with tools like Rektic designed to improve the editor experience, the job of web editor becomes more enjoyable. 

Instead of replacing editors, Rektic is a useful tool for increasing their productivity and quality. 

Please do not hesitate to test it  for free or to schedule a demo

Photo credit :Copywriter by Thanh Phan

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