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Publié le 9 March 2023

✍️ Youssef MEDDEB

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Artificial Intelligence at the service of web content creation  

Artificial intelligence (AI) is based on powerful technologies that simulate human cognitive abilities. This discipline aims to simulate human thought processing in order to speed up decision making and increase the efficiency with which tasks are completed.

When applied to web writing, AI  stands out as the ideal tool for assisting web editors in their work and freeing up valuable time for keyword research, error correction, SEO content optimization, and the collection of relevant inspiration sources.

Continue reading to learn how the AI can help you improve your web content editor’s productivity and the relevance of your copy. 

A closer look at the capabilities of artificial intelligence.  

John McCarthy coined the term “artificial intelligence” for the first time in 1956. This concept refers to the tasks that a machine can automate and perform exactly as if it were a human.

The AI is based on a collection of computer programs, problem-solving logic, and automatic learning technologies (or machine learning), with the goal of imitating the human brain’s function and solving complex problems intelligently in record time.

It is also capable of analyzing, reasoning, and learning in the same way that humans do in order to form knowledge and behaviors that can be applied suitably in various contexts.

All in all, artificial intelligence enables the development of software, solutions, or semi-autonomous machines capable of processing massive amounts of data in a limited amount of time and making intelligent decisions to solve problems.

The use of AI, aided by robust automatic learning techniques for natural language processing (NLP), is a practical way to reduce the workload of web editors and reduce the complexity of their job.    

The Potential of AI in Web Content Writing

NLP (Natural Language Processing) brings together various disciplines related to linguistics, computing, and artificial intelligence to understand and generate natural language (written or spoken) understandable by machines. 

This discipline is most commonly used in the following areas:

  • The automatic translation.
  • Text comprehension and classification.
  • The automatic correction. And proofreading.
  • Marketing via chatbots, which endow the role of virtual commercial assistant in order to respond instantly and effectively to clients’ most common and frequent requests.
  • Web writing; NLP makes use of the power of machine learning (and deep learning models) and the machine’s ability to learn progressively to perform the syntax and grammatical analyses required to construct logical, coherent, and meaningful sentences. 

The power of NLP techniques is manifested in the system’s ability to determine the best correlations to generate content that is appropriate for the context of the writing.

The evolution of natural language processing disciplines, such as NLP, gives rise to other fields specializing in automatic text generation, such as NLG (Natural Language Generation).   

NLG is an innovative web content automation technology.   

NLG is a sophisticated technology for automatic text generation. This technology involves analyzing and processing large amounts of structured data in order to generate coherent models for creating web content that is easily understandable by humans. 

The content can be of various types, such as press articles, summaries, sport results, advertisements, etc… The automation of web content creation through NLG software has made significant advances, allowing content editors to be more efficient in the coming years.  

AI: an innovative solution for web content creation  

Web content creation is a time-consuming and energy-intensive task.  Consequently, the web editor may feel overwhelmed in the face of a massive order to write multiple contents in a short period of time. 

In other cases, it may be difficult to find inspiration when producing a copy centered on a specific theme. All of these inconveniences can have a negative impact on the reputation and credibility of the web content editor. 

Faced with this realization, the AI emerges to effectively save the day and spare you the “blank page syndrome” while helping you write more quickly and efficiently.

Artificial intelligence is a true blessing for web editors and SEO specialists. Aside from automatic content generation, AI helps to refine SEO copy optimization through innovative heading generation, semantic and lexical field generation, metadata generation, and so on.

Using the AI, a new or inexperienced SEO editor can create high-quality content while also learning the fundamentals of natural search engine optimization.

Here are some advantages provided by the AI to SEO editors.  

Simplifying the writing process  

Artificial intelligence is a huge help to writers. It makes their writing tasks easier and makes them more comfortable at work. Undoubtedly, the creation of high-quality content involves a series of demanding tasks that necessitate a lot of energy and focus in order to complete the work.    

Selecting a writing topic  

This stage frequently causes the content editors to waste a lot of time looking for an original and interesting topic. Sometimes, they will run out of ideas when tasked with writing a piece about a topic that has already been covered and for which there are numerous resources available on the internet.

Faced with this reality, editors must seek reliable and current sources of inspiration in order to provide their readers with unique, rich, and up-to-date content.  This task becomes easier to complete thanks to the use of some AI-assisted solutions, such as Rektic.The AI tools harness the power of machine learning technologies to identify the most appropriate sources of inspiration for the needs of the editor. 

These solutions provide editors with several useful sources on the most recent trends in the most popular web writing topics in a matter of seconds. They also provide a useful overview of the keyphrases that propel competitors to the top of the search results page (SERP).  

Looking for keywords  

The search for the most strategic keywords is essential for determining the corpus of expressions that are appropriate for both the writing topic and the research purpose. This task proves to be time-consuming if the editor intends to complete it by referring to the results of free keyword generator tools. These tools are not very precise, and the results are unreliable.

It is thus more appropriate to opt for paid keyword generators, aided by the AI which provides a clearer understanding of the most relevant keywords in terms of volume of research, level of competition, and level of adherence with the writing theme.  

Revising the content  

This task is crucial in order to correct any potential syntax, spelling, or grammatical errors. It’s a good idea to re-read your own copy, and why not give it to a colleague to help you spot and correct any mistakes that slipped by the editor.The quality of the copies has a significant impact on the editor’s reputation and the client’s decision to continue or end the collaboration. 

That is why it is beneficial to use an intelligent editor based on AI, which assists the editors in immediately correcting errors and providing an explanation for the correction. As a result, by revising, they can gain new knowledge while writing.    

Increasing the productivity of web content editors  

The automatic generation of web content via AI allows editors to get more productive. This technology aids them in multiplying their content production while remaining unique and searchable.
Notably, in the case of a writing assignment requiring the creation of multiple articles on the same topic, or simply to boost the ranking of a website on a specific keyword, writers can easily run out of ideas and succumb to the “blank page syndrome.” 

To deal with this realization and avoid unethical practices such as plagiarism, editors can use a writing software that is supported by the AI.A solution like this allows them to save a significant amount of time when looking for good references and expressions to create unique content, even if they are on the same topic.

Content editors can work on multiple projects simultaneously and effectively thanks to artificial intelligence. This allows them to meet delivery deadlines and maintain their credibility in the eyes of their customers. On the other hand, it enables them to free up more time and use it to perform more valuable tasks.
Rektic is one of the innovative SEO writing optimization solutions. This solution aims to improve the productivity and efficiency of all editors through a variety of useful features.

More information on this topic can be found in the following section:     

Rektic: a practical SEO content optimization solution

Rektic is a SaaS solution for SEO content optimization. It is enhanced by a powerful set of tools that rely on AI performance and associated technologies to generate results more quickly while maintaining quality and SEO optimization standards. 

To that end, Rektic provides the following features:  

  • Looking for keywords: This tool relies on the AI’s algorithmic power to build a comprehensive corpus of the most popular and valuable (primary and secondary) keywords (In terms of traffic). Using these expressions, the SEO editor can create an impactful copy that ensures leading positions in the SERP.  
  • Generating heading: Using data models generated by machine learning, Rektic can generate headings and subheadings that correspond to the theme of the copy. These elements play a decisive role in refining the structure of the content and assisting the reader in better understanding the topic of each block.  
  • Providing sources of inspiration: Rektic provides relevant references, such as issues from competing authority sites. These sources help fuel the writers’ inspiration and help them create unique content with a high added value.  
  • Detecting duplicate content: This allows the editor to create a unique copy that differs from the original by its added value.
  • An automatic checker : It assists editors in quickly correcting potential errors and writing in a more coherent and timely manner.

Rektic not only assists editors in creating effective and interesting web content, but it also assists them in optimizing the SEO of their copies. This allows them to save time and energy on content creation and natural search engine optimization.  

Final thought  

Artificial intelligence has infiltrated all fields, including web writing. Matter of fact, because of the conclusive results obtained by this technology regarding the productivity of web editors and the effectiveness of their content, AI-assisted writing is becoming more and more appealing to web content agencies and independent editors.

AI technologies such as machine learning and automatic text generation (NLG), when combined with robust mathematical algorithms and machine computing power, make an intelligent writing robot. This robot can assist content editors in increasing their writing capacity and reaping significant time savings, particularly when creating complex copies.

Such is the example of Rektic; an SEO optimization solution supported by the IA. This tool allows you to create multiple authentic and SEO-optimized content pieces in record time.  

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