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Rektic helps you at every stage of managing your blog


Find the right topics to write about, taking into account the expectations of Internet users, your target audience and your competitors’ articles.


Write quality copy faster with our artificial intelligence. Rektic helps you to automatically generate text


In a single editor, you can analyze your SEO score as well as benchmark your article and keywords with your competitors


Publish your article in the format you want, and take advantage of our native plugin on WordPress to publish faster and directly on the world’s most used CMS

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👉 Start with a keyword

Writing a quality blog post has never been easier. Just enter one keyword and Rektic will provide you with multiple H1 and H2 suggestions. In just a few seconds, you will have a detailed outline of what you are going to write.

👉 Write confidently

Our AI assistant will help you generate an introduction and sentences throughout your article, to assist you in writing quality content. No more writer’s block or spelling errors: text correction is done automatically in our editor.

👉 You don’t need to be an SEO expert

Writing a quality article is a cornerstone for growing your blog, but without SEO optimization, you won’t get very far. Don’t worry! Rektic offers a complete suite of SEO tools to help you optimize your ranking by considering best practices and competitors positioning.

👉 SEO content ? It’s a team sport

Our solution is collaborative, which means you can write with an expert from your company, have your work validated by a colleague, or categorize your articles systematically. Everything is designed to make managing your blog easier, with the participation of all team members.

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Rektic replaces more than 10 tools

Keywords suggestion

Rektic shows you the best performing keywords with insights

On-page SEO analysis

Rektic highlights the best results on the SERP with an on-page analysis

An intelligent assistant

Generate your blog content with AI

Collaboration tool

Write your article on your own, with your team or customers

SEO and plagiarism check

Get a good SEO score and avoid plagiarism with Rektic's recommendations


Write an article with quality writing suggestions (grammar, spelling, typography..)


Export your article in multiple formats (text, HTML, etc.)

Frequently asked questions

Get inspired by internet users frequently asked questions

Add media

Easily add videos or images to your article

White Label

Share your white-labeled article using Rektic

Update your articles

Optimize your old articles in just a few minutes


Integrate your article automatically with Rektic plugin on WordPress

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Barthélemy SENE

Founder & CEO of SKERING

Rektic or augmented writing

“ Rektic or augmented writing! A very nice application of AI to serve our editorial imaginations with a responsive and very professional support.
Highly recommended.”

Maxime Dargelos

Copywriter & Project Manager

My favorite tool

“ As a web editor, Rektic helps me on a daily basis to produce high-quality SEO-optimized content. The numerous features (keyword suggestions, proposal of a structure and meta tags, SEO analysis, etc.) offered are both relevant and easy to use.”


Publishing Company

Ideal for infopreneurs

“ You can optimize your content with Rektic, a writing tool. It offers suggestions to improve your content, help with the structure of your articles, SEO, etc. It’s perfect for infopreneurs who don’t delegate the publication of blog posts! ”

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