5 simple steps to get your full optimized blog article

First Step of Your Article Journey

Start your article journey by inserting the main keyword that describes the topic of the blog article you want to generate.

Choose your article Title

Rektic will provide you with a list of titles that may be interesting; select the one that suits your content.

Subtitles are what catch your visitors' attention

Once you choose your article title, Rektic will present you with a list of subtitles that best match the selected title; you can then choose the ones you prefer.

Tone of voice is the key to engagement

In the final step, you can choose one of the tones of voice we provide, or create your personalized tone of voice by training Rektic on a text you have written before. This way, we learn about your tone of voice, and the content will be generated as if you wrote it yourself. Your audience won’t notice the difference

Organization is what saves us time

With Rektic, we prioritize your organization. That’s why we offer you the possibility to organize your articles by projects (folders), where each project can group a list of articles that share a common theme.

Get your article in one click, in a blink

Time is Money: A Confirmation

Once you’ve followed all the previous steps, your article is just one click away. We value your time, and thanks to the technologies we employ, your article will be generated within seconds.

Human-Like AI Content

Rektic's "tone of voice" feature ensures content feels human, not robotic. Your audience will pick up on the real energy of a content writer in the words and text.

On-brand Content

Teach Rektic your writing style by sharing a paragraph you've written. It adapts to your unique style, so every article it generates matches your voice. Your audience will easily recognize your brand, even if you haven't written the articles yourself.

Plagiarism-Free Content

Our aim is not just to deliver high-quality content but, more importantly, to provide content that is uniquely yours. Our algorithms ensure that no content is repeated. We also offer a plagiarism checker for your convenience.

Take control of personalizing your article through rephrasing


Even after you have generated your content, you still have the ability to edit your article. We provide a feature that allows you to rephrase any selected paragraph in the article and personalize it in your own style.