Web Copywriting: How to Find the Inspiration?

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Copywriters’ biggest issue is Writers’ Block, also known as the Blank Page Syndrome. They occasionally struggle to come up with original and impactful content ideas. 

They may run out of ideas especially if they can’t come up with the perfect editorial theme to develop, considering that the most similar themes have already been addressed by their competitors.

This is where web editors could make use of Artificial Intelligence. They require sophisticated assisting technologies, such as AI-assisted writing, to unlock their ideas and save time searching for effective sources of inspiration. 

AI-Assisted Writing: A Prominent Source for Inspiration 

For SEO writers, bloggers, and copywriters who are facing this syndrome, AI-assisted writing is a real bargain. 

It is a practical solution that facilitates and speeds up writing by providing powerful tools to these professionals while they work. This results in significant time and effort savings, as well as an advantageous quality/price ratio.

Web editors can kill two birds with one stone by using AI-assisted writing. 

On the one hand, they can boost the frequency with which they write and publish on the destination platforms: social networks, blogs, product sheets, and so on. They can profit from improved responsiveness on the web and, as a result, better engagement of the target audience if they publish quality material on a regular basis.

On the other hand, AI-assisted writing ensures that their web content is SEO-friendly. In fact, this solution includes practical tools that assist the SEO editor in writing content that adheres to SEO best practices, as well as useful recommendations to help the web editor remedy shortcomings and fill in some gaps in their content, rendering it better optimized for SEO and thus, conversion.

Among the relevant tools of automated writing, we mention Rektic. 

Rektic: An Excellent Tool for Inspiration 

Rektic is an artificial intelligence-assisted SaaS SEO service. This solution is primarily intended for the SEO editors to assist them in generating content quickly and efficiently all while adhering to the standards of web writing and SEO instructions.

This solution is based on AI’s efficiency to provide web editors with a comprehensive toolkit to help them increase their productivity and work smoothly on just about any theme imaginable.

This solution is based on the efficiency of AI to provide web editors with a complete toolbox to increase their productivity and help them work smoothly on every theme imaginable.

In this context, Rektic offers the following features:

Content Enhancement 

Rektic is a viable option for overcoming the Blank Page Syndrome. As a matter of fact, it’s a goldmine in terms of inspiration sources, as well as profitable and relevant references to your writing topic.

These resources include authority sites that provide accurate and up-to-date information, as well as the websites of your competitors.

It’s important to examine the content that your competitors have published in order to find information that has gone unnoticed but could be highly valuable for writing your piece. 

Pay special attention to copy-pasting in order to avoid plagiarism. This can harm your reputation and lead to penalties from search engines. 

Get inspired by your competitors’ material while staying unique and adding value to your readers. This guarantees that you will stand out from the crowd.

There’s no doubt that the content written must be unique and with high added value. With this in mind, you must support your statements with relevant and truthful data (statistics, dates, proper nouns, etc.) that come from trusted sites. 

However, collecting this information and searching for reliable sources is a very time-consuming work. This can lead to delays in scheduled deliveries and tarnish your reputation.

In order to avoid these inconveniences, you can entrust Rektic with the search for interesting content and save a lot of time on this task. That way, you can make the best of your time to only focus on putting together your ideas and writing your content.

Rektic also presents suggestions for the most frequently asked questions by Internet users. These questions shed light on areas of writing that are relevant and interesting to your readers.

As a result, the time you planned to devote to your task can be invested in gathering the opinions of your audience regarding their needs and the issues that concern them. 

Generating Headings and Subheadings  

The ability to structure web content with headings and subheadings is a useful feature for improving idea prioritization and copy readability. 

Furthermore, you can create a new writing theme from a heading, leading to the creation of wholly new or complementary content to previously written copy. 

Generating Keywords 

Keywords are an undeniable factor of visibility. The integration of these expressions in your content allows you to directly reach the intended target and respond appropriately to the search intent of Internet users. 

To this end, it is important to use a dedicated tool to learn about the most strategic keywords that have a large search volume and which reflect the needs of your target audience.

With Rektic, you can get a generous list of keywords related to your industry and the profile of your audience in a matter of seconds. 

This way, you can find inspiration to develop original and innovative content that is aligned with the interests of your audience.  

Other Techniques to Find Inspiration 

Get Inspired By the Current Events  

The world around us is overflowing with fast-paced and diverse news and events. 

This represents a significant source of inspiration, from which you can come up with various interesting writing topics, such as variants of COVID-19, the rise of cryptocurrency, the revolution of artificial intelligence, etc.

To stay on top of the latest trends and news, you must keep an active watch using tools. Such as:

  • Answer The Public: is a useful tool for letting your ideas run wild by mapping the suggestions that fit your research theme into the structure of a tree. This solution generates trees for questions, suggestions, comparisons, and expressions related to your topic, from which you can brainstorm fruitful writing ideas.

  • Semrush: it’s a powerful keyword analysis tool. It also provides great features for finding keywords related to your search topic, which you can base your content on. You can also take advantage of the “Topic Research” feature which offers content ideas related to your search query.
  • Google Trends: it’s a useful tool for looking at the most popular search subjects that are attracting the attention of Google users at any given time. You can improve the precision of your search by setting the following parameters: period, geographical area, category, and so on.

As a result, if you’re writing for a specific demographic, you can utilize this tool to identify writing themes that meet their needs.

These are just a few of the many strong tools available to web writers to help them discover up-to-date writing ideas and unlock their inspiration. 

Keep Track of Important Dates on Your Calendar. 

If you’re stuck for ideas, you can either check out your chestnut tree or the calendar where the major events related to your industry and target audience are listed:  Seasonal sales, national holidays, end-of-year festivities, holidays, back to school, etc.  

This calendar is an excellent source of inspiration, since it encourages you to drum up new material that is relevant to your target’s daily life.

Your readers like discovering up-to-date information on your blog about upcoming events that are significant to them. Readers who are satisfied are more likely to engage with your content, resulting in increased visibility for your publication platform. 

Final Thoughts  

At times, all writers may experience a dreaded shortage of inspiration. In this case, they find themselves stuck in front of a blank page for a while.

This situation has bad repercussions for their productivity and the responsiveness of their blogs. To deal with this, you can resort to an AI-assisted writing solution, like Rektic.

Rektic takes advantage of AI to provide you with all the tools you need to increase your creativity and bring your blank page to life. 

This solution provides interesting sources of inspiration for your writing while also saving you time searching for trustworthy references. 


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